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You're probably familiar with the comments - “Airlines have enjoyed a free ride for too long – it’s time they paid the price for their role in climate destruction” and they're increasingly common in the media. There's a growing consensus on the need to tax aviation more in order to reduce emissions to achieve the goal of zero emissions by 2050.


EUROCONTROL have published their latest Think Paper - Does taxing aviation really reduce emissions? - the seventh in a series of thought-provoking papers, aimed at industry leaders and policy-makers and using exclusive EUROCONTROL aviation data. 


One of the key objectives of the EU Green Deal is to allow economic growth while reducing net EU carbon emissions to zero by 2050, including a 90% reduction in transport emissions. 


A couple of the paper's main findings are that while passenger numbers increased by 40% between 2009 and 2017, CO2 emissions only increased by 15%, and noise levels remained stable. And, that long-distance air traffic dominates aviation emissions, drives their evolution, and hence must be targeted if a reduction in CO2 emissions is to be achieved.


Give it a read and let us know your thoughts! 

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  • Does taxing aviation really reduce emissions? | EUROCONTROL - This paper examines whether taxes on aviation fuel or air tickets, or equivalent measures, do effectively contribute to reducing aviation emissions. It assesses the degree to which aviation taxes could help reduce the aviation sectors CO2 emissions in the current COVID context, given the slow economic recovery; and it estimates the extent to which CO2 emissions goals could be met by decarbonising the aviation sector.

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  • NAV CANADA reports September traffic figures - NAV CANADA announced today its traffic figures for the month of September 2020, as measured in weighted charging units for enroute, terminal and oceanic air navigation services, in comparison to the last fiscal year. 

  • Fraport Traffic Figures – September 2020: Passenger Levels Still Low - In September 2020, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) served some 1.1 million passengers – an 82.9 percent decline compared to the same month last year. Cumulative traffic at FRA during the January-to-September 2020 period fell by 70.2 percent. 


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