Weekly review #75- 18th November

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The ATM, UTM and airports sectors have been in a continuous 'reactive mode' for most of the year. And, amid a lot of uncertainty and challenges, it's nice to see collaboration, inclusion and a focus on strengthening organisational resilience as the theme for this week's news stories. 


First up is the news that Warsaw Chopin Airport will be included in the European air traffic management network - all thanks to the full launch of the A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) system. This is a huge technological leap forward and will significantly improve the comfort and reduce the workload of the controllers of the airport control service in Warsaw.


Next is the news that Aireon has announced a strategic partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for space-based ADS-B data exploration. The use of Aireon’s data is the FAA’s latest effort to ensure the safest and most efficient airspace through the modernisation of infrastructure and the evaluation of advanced technologies.


This is a huge milestone in the FAA’s efforts to create transformative change in the management and operations of U.S. airspace and it's exciting to hear of yet another partnership aimed at advancing modernisation in the industry. 


In news closer to home, our CEO, Vincent Lambercy, will be a panelist on a webinar on the 24th November at 10am titled 'The Future of Winter Operations - How Technology Can Improve Operational Readiness'. The discussion will be centred around how airports, airlines and ground handlers can get ready for winter with a Q&A session, too. Register for a spot and join the conversation! 

ANSP news

  • Polish airport joins European elite - PANSA - Better punctuality, greater travel comfort and more accurate airport information – all thanks to the full launch of the A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) system at Warsaw Chopin Airport. 

  • CADENA - continuing to deliver real results in the Latin America and Caribbean region - Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Aviation Administration and Latin America and Caribbean CANSO CEO Committee Chair (LAC3), explores the latest highlights from the CADENA initiative.

  • ENAIRE spurs innovation at the control tower of the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport - ENAIRE, in its commitment to the continuous digitisation of its services, is implementing a series of technological and operational improvements in the air control tower at the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport in order to promote greater efficiency and safety in air traffic management.

  • First insights from DFS drone detection tests - DFS together with its project partners – the operators of Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) and Munich Airport (Flughafen München GmbH) – has concluded a large-scale test of drone detection systems at the two busiest airports in Germany. 

  • Optimisation of airspace boundaries - The DFS upper area control centre in Karlsruhe and Eurocontrols' upper area control centre in Maastricht are working together to enhance the airspace structure at the boundary between their respective airspaces.

  • FABEC control centres Karlsruhe and Maastricht reducing complexity in European core area - Karlsruhe Upper Area Control Centre (DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung) and Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) in cooperation with ACCs Bremen, Langen and Munich have seized the opportunity of the current traffic decrease to enhance their cooperation to shorten routes and improve flight profiles in Europe’s busiest airspace.

  • Two FABEC ANSPs optimise arrivals at Frankfurt Airport - The arrival route for flights to Frankfurt Airport coming from the West via NIVNU – the transfer point close to the German/Belgian border – has been shortened by approximately eight nautical miles in the airspace of the Langen Area Control Centre. 

Market news

Context information

  • CANSO Europe publishes initial position on SES2+ - CANSO and its members, the air navigation service providers (ANSPs) from 34 European countries, including 26 EU Member States, are fully committed to making the European Commission’s Single European Sky (SES) vision a reality, and have published an initial position on the Single European Sky 2 (SES2 ).

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