Weekly review #79- 16th December

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Last week was the 10th SESAR innovation days which showcased scientific excellence in air traffic management. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to move ahead with the digital transformation of air traffic management in Europe, to incorporate and strengthen resilience, scalability and sustainability into the system. 


The aim of the 2020 event was to showcase results from European exploratory research and to discuss how to advance promising concepts towards industrial research within the SESAR innovation pipeline.


The concepts presented reflect Europe’s vision to make its airspace the most efficient and environmentally friendly sky to fly in the world, and will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the aviation industry and its recovery from the COVID crisis.


The full program, including all papers and video recordings of the sessions, are now available online (alongside previous editions of SESAR innovation days) and we urge you to check them out. This is a lot of innovative material from all corners of the industry and a great way to network - let us know your thoughts! 

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  • Polish drone successes at the Amsterdam Drone Week conference - The PansaUTM system is the basis for the development of the U-space concept in Poland. The demonstration and certification of U-space services will allow the commencement of introducing urban mobility to the airspace. 

  • Unmanned aircraft - Technologies of robotics and control – AZIMUT - On November 26-27, 2020, the AERONET scientific and practical conference was held. It was aimed at supporting private initiative and entrepreneurial potential in the field of unmanned aviation and space transport, as well as in the field of geoinformation systems, collection, processing and use of geodata.

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