Weekly review #89 - 10th March

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What are your thoughts on space-based ADS-B technology? And the potential of it for air traffic management? 


We came across this hugely interesting piece about how transformative space-based ADS-B is proving to be in airspace management. Space-based ADS-B provides the same capabilities as its ground-based counterparts, but has the potential to facilitate the next generation of ATC tools. Aircraft fitted with the transponders automatically send their position data to the Iridium NEXT 66-satellite constellation before being sent back to earth and on to the subscribing ANSP.


It's pretty exciting stuff. We discuss how Aireon manages the safety of their space-based ADS-B service in our interview with Cyriel Kronenburg, Sinéad McCloskey and Vincent Capezzuto at Aireon on our website. Check it out and let us know your thoughts on its capacity to modernise airspace. 


Next, our attention was drawn to this article on cus­tomis­ing in­di­vid­u­al flight routes for more cli­mate-friend­ly out­comes. Customised flight routes can help to limit the rise in global temperatures caused by human activities. If this goal is to be achieved, air traffic management must be automated to a far greater extent than it is today. DLR (Der individuelle und automatisierte Luftverkehr; DIAL) project contributes towards reaching global climate targets in air transport. Check out the full article, it's a great read. 


Finally, we noticed this piece on Fintraffic and Finavia to develop global air traffic  control concept. The project, which is expected to help the aviation industry recover after the pandemic, aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of air traffic services.

The Multi Remote Operating Tower (MROT) concept and the remote air traffic control project will allow flexible air traffic control services from a single workstation to one or more airports.


We welcome this concept of supporting connectivity and enabling a flexible, high-quality provision of services. We look forward to more updates! 

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  • Slump in air traffic volumes continues - DFS - Air traffic volumes in Germany remain at a historically low level. In February 2021, DFS logged almost 64,000 take-offs, landings and overflights under instrument flight rules.

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