Weekly review #90 - 17th March

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We're pretty sure it's the same for you, but looking at recent passenger and flight numbers is a little demoralising. But another great measure of progress comes in the shape of all the innovative projects and partnerships across the industry that have been consistently implemented since the pandemic began. 


Take this story, for example, where Liege Airport is now certified as Advanced ATC Tower. An advanced tower for an advanced airport! The airport is now officially connected to the EUROCONTROL Network. Efficient exchange of flight plan data, such as bad weather conditions, will greatly facilitate the work of the skeyes Air Traffic Controllers there, along with several other advantages for Airport operators.


We're also pleased by this story of cross industry leaders collaborating on a vision for future skies. The Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council, an independent forum, which brings together air navigation service providers, UTM service providers, aircraft manufacturers, drone operators and manufacturers, high-tech companies, airlines, airports, regulatory authorities, space agencies and research bodies met for the very first time this week with the goal of building a vision for the skies together. 


And finally, Saab’s Total Airport Management capabilities have grown even stronger through a new partnership with FlightAware. Saab’s Aerobahn Total Airport Management Platform is designed to integrate data sources to provide a comprehensive picture to stakeholders. This looks like it will allow for a greater degree of efficiency for operators while simultaneously ensuring a more enjoyable passenger journey...and might just be a game-changer in airport management! Nice work!

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  • Advanced Tower for an advanced airport! - Liege Airport is now certified as Advanced ATC Tower. This system allows better management of departures and arrivals and has several advantages for Airport operators.

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