Weekly review #92 - 31st March

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In the years ahead, the aviation industry will be forced to deal with rising passenger numbers and increased flight volumes in the face of limited resources at airports and in the air. At a time of growing economic pressure on airlines to find ways to minimise cost where possible, the news of a SESAR JU project to use blockchain technology for more cost-efficient flight sequencing sounds very promising. 


Together with EUROCONTROL, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, University of Linz (Austria), and Swiss International Airlines, Frequentis aims to foster the emergence of a new kind of marketplace for flight exchange in Air Traffic Management (ATM). The platform to be developed by the SlotMachine consortium is expected to enable more flexible, faster, scalable, and (semi-) automated processing of flight sequence transactions in a fair and trustworthy way.


And, in the spirit of more cost-effective, innovative technology, we welcome the news of Belgium pioneering the introduction of an enhanced flight vision system operations in Europe. The SESAR AAL 2 project (Augmented Approaches to Land) facilitates and accelerates the deployment of EFVS operations (enhanced flight vision system) in European regional airports. This technology enables operations to be carried out in very poor visibility conditions. 


EFVS operations are particularly useful for small and medium-sized airports because these they're often not equipped with CAT II or CAT III infrastructures, i.e. landing aids in case of insufficient visibility, due to the high investment costs involved.


We look forward to following the progress of these projects in the coming months. Are there any other, recent technologies that have piqued your interest? We'd love to hear about them! 


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  • EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #8 - The eighth EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot is dedicated to how costs of air traffic management in Europe became disconnected from traffic around 2008.

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