Weekly review #94 - 14th April

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One of the biggest questions on everyone's lips these days, and as discussed in NATS' recent blog is: Will we get a green light for the summer?


The UK in particular is hopeful for some sort of international movement. 


According to NATS' data, this year's traffic was at 23% of 2019 levels compared with virtually nothing last year, but that figure isn’t the full story.:

  • It doesn’t show up the fact that much of that traffic was overflights of the UK, while European traffic is down to around 13% of 2019 levels.

  • It doesn't highlight the fact that a lot of these movements were local ones – private flyers, who were allowed to take to the skies again from March 29, and who took full advantage of the fabulous Bank Holiday weather.

  • Most flights at the moment are cargo with far fewer passengers flying than would ordinarily be the case. 

So, what does that all mean? The UK is still waiting for clarity on the criteria for the traffic light system and testing regime. And the frustrating truth is that we still don’t know. The longer it takes for the Government to establish what it will do, the less time it leaves for the industry to prepare, and the more consumer confidence erodes.


In other news, LGS and Riga Airport complete major project to improve service quality and safety. As of 6 April, Riga International Airport becomes the first. and so far only airport in the Baltic States, to join more then 30 European airports employing A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) procedure. This allows for a significant improvement in service quality and safety for airspace users and passengers.


Great news for them! During a difficult time in aviation, it's very promising to see the implementation of a large and important project that focuses on the future development of the airport and flights out of Riga after the end of the pandemic, as well as for improved service quality for passengers and higher flight safety. 


We wish them the best of luck! 

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  • Change on the Executive Board of Frequentis AG - Sylvia Bardach is leaving the Executive Board of Frequentis AG on 15 April 2021 after more than 30 years' successful work in building up the company. This change reflects a long-term succession plan. 

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