Weekly review #98 - 12th May

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Despite the unprecedented industry crisis brought by COVID-19, combating climate change should remain a top priority. 


So, it's great to see the news of FABEC removing restrictions facilitating greener flights. Air navigation service providers of the Functional Airspace Block Europe
Central (FABEC) has removed more than 150 flight level caps and lifted over 165 so-called eNM measures previously imposed to manage traffic during periods of high demand.


By introducing these measures while traffic remains low, they support aviation recovery and provide an opportunity to improve the environmental performance of aircraft in line with Europe’s Green Deal initiative. 


Elsewhere, we are happy to see the news that Integrating space-based ADS-B into EUROCONTROL’s network operations system brings major predictability gains and unlock future capacity. 


In a major operational enhancement of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s (NM) operational systems, real-time air traffic surveillance data derived from Aireon’s space-based ADS-B system has now been integrated into NM’s Enhanced Traffic Flow Management System (ETFMS).


The new data will significantly boost air traffic predictability by up to 20%, improving operational efficiency and resilience while unlocking capacity for the future that will help reduce environmental impacts.


And finally, the latest news from the IAA is that a harmonised approach with Europe is critical for air traffic recovery. With the epidemiological situation improving, the IAA Chief Executive, Mr Peter Kearney, stated that the conditions for a safe re-start for aviation need to be put in place. 


The aviation industry needs to be ready to participate in a coordinated approach based on the EU traffic light system to ensure that air travel can re-open and passengers can be confident that their flight will go ahead - and that the risks associated with COVID-19 are minimised. 

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