What is next on the FAA's to-do list?

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FoxATM - FAA UTM Program

“The next Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) service is likely to be Strategic Deconfliction based on a standard that ASTM is working on,” said Jay Merkle, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) UTM Integration Office Director, speaking at NASA’s Project Technical Interchange meeting on 23 February 2021. There is still a great deal of standardisation work still to do and this is progressing in “bite-sized chunks”. He said since NASA commenced its UTM programme five years’ ago, “the agency has discovered a completely new approach to managing airspace in a collaborative manner not thought about before”. This accommodates stakeholder input that complements traditional FAA air traffic control services. "Principles of collaborative airspace management and increased automation are critical to enabling these mobility concepts,” said Joey Rios. 

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