Weekly review #11 – 9th of August 2019

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Our blog keeps growing and we published two exclusive articles this week:

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Artificial Intelligence in ATC

AI in ATC is a growing topic. In this video (14 minutes) from the last Paris Airshow, Thales explains how machine learning will improve existing tools in the future. The two use cases are final approach sequencing and conflict resolution.

The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the IEEE organize an internationcal conference on artificial intelligence and data analytics for air transport in February 2020. Registration is open and a call for papers is running. This is listed with other ATM, UTM and airport related events on our events page.

Market news

Food for thought

Runway incursions remain a hazard in aviation. The FAA uses a geographic information system (GIS) based approach to identify elements of airport layouts which are prone to runway incursions and mitigate them. 19 specific patterns have been identify and if they resulted in runway incursions, they get corrected.

The remote tower concept has been around for a long time and some are now in operation. Are we done with remote towers now or is it more to be done? Think Research released a longer article: "What next for remote tower?". It goes back to the origin of what they call digital aerotrome traffic services (D-ATS). Remote towers are only a leaf on the D-ATS tree and the article explore various use cases and expands the concept and future of remote tower.

The drones corner

The German airspace laboratory DLR experiments with the idea of re-using existing airframes instead of designing brand new UAVs. Their unmanned gyrocopter took her maiden flight.

Swiss ANSP skyguide and AirMap lay one more stone towards country-wide UTM system. They have deployed the Swiss U-space flight information management system (FIMS) The FIMS is adata exchange hub that connects skyguide’s ATM system to UAS Service Providers.

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