Weekly review #12 – 16th of August 2019

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ADS-B and analytics are in the news again this week. The US FCC opens the way to smaller satellites and one use case is space based ADS-B tracking. When data become a commodity, the focus shifts towards its usage. Aeroficial Intelligence announced predictive products for landing and taxi times. FlightAware and Fraport are leading the way with AI based landing time predictions. Will there be room for smaller players in this game?

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There are not many books about ATM / CNS around. ENRI published selected papers from their International Workshop on ATM/CNS, held in Tokyo in November 2017, the theme of which was “Drafting Future Skies”. It is packed with research results from worldwide organisations and addresses what could be the future of ATM. It is also available for kindle.

The selection and training of air traffic controllers is a constant issue for the industry. The failure rates are high and the whole process is very expensive. Gary Pearson introduces new ideas in this article: Rethinking air traffic control recruitment and training.

Will technology be the solution? On one hand, SITA's Portfolio Director Thomas Deillon addresses how new technology like data, digital twins, LIDAR, AI and more could help address the aviation capacity crunch.

On the other hand, CANSO published a "standard of excellence in human performance management" to support better handling of human factors. The standard and its 10 sub-elements are detailed in this article titled: "Power to the people".

The ATM and airports industry jargon is full if abbreviations. ADBSafegate published a free glossary. This is one of the most complete around and even A-SMGCS experts can get confused with AHPQT and need a good glossary.

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