Weekly review #13 – 23rd of August 2019

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Aireon and their global space-based ADS-B coverage is a game changer, especially for ANSPs dealing with oceanic airspace. Introducing surveillance increases the airspace's capacity and the revenues. So the announcement by NAV CANADA to raise en-route fees because of the better service was a bit surprising. Will other oceanic ANSPs follow this trend?

ANSPs news

Drones corner

The UTM industry has been very active this week, especially in the context of the Gulf of Finland U-Space where many UTM components provider showcase their products. AirMap demonstrated dynamic flight plan modification.

Another demonstration involved a drone flight from Estonia to Finland. Not just a short hop but a 1h10 flight at altitudes of 4'500ft carrying a package. UTM is not only about small quad-copters buzzing around, this was a military grade UAS.

And there are more short drone-related news:

Satellite navigation

Satellite navigation has been around for decades now and dramatically changed aircraft navigation. It is a strategical asset and several countries besides the US have their own constellation. The Chinese navigations satellites now outnumber the US GPS ones.

With the Brexit looming, the UK has been frozen out of the European Galileo consortium. As a replacement, the UK seeks an alliance with its "five-eyes" security partners (US, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand) to launch their own constellation.

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