Weekly review #16 – 13th of September 2019

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The ATC Tower at Canberra airport got evacuated on Wednesday after a substance suspected to be asbestos has been found. Airservices Australia did put "alternative air traffic control services" in place to minimise the impact of the disruption. One single Brisbane - Canberra flight got affected. This shows a great level of readiness and contingency management by the ANSP. Is your ANSP ready for such a case? Read how romanian ANSP ROMATSA manages contingency cases for Bucharest APP and ACC.


Digitalisation is changing the world and ATC is no exception. From solving the challenges of remote airports with low traffic using remote towers to virtualisation of the infrastructure and the introduction of techniques like artificial intelligence, change is here and its pace is higher than what the community is used to. The following articles tackle this topic from three different angles:

Market news

Drones corner

Food for thoughts

Decarbonisation of the air transport industry is a long term topic and it will not be solved by a single solution. This EUROCONTROL paper on decarbonisation of aviation explores and compare the impact of various solutions. Biofuels play a major part but optimisation and organisational aspects at airlines, airports and ATC will also contribute to this objective.

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