Weekly review #17 – 20th of September 2019

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Gibraltar airport was forced to close due to ATC staff calling in sick. This affected three flights in the evening of the 16th of September. It might seem like a small event but it reminds how tense the ATC staffing situation is at many ANSPs in Europe. And this is not an isolated case. Belgian ANSP skeyes had to close their airspace at night due to staff shortage earlier this year.

Strategic readings

The SESAR Joint Undertaking published an Airspace Architecture Study in March 2019. Recognising the urgency to act, they now released an action plan for "short term" operational and technical measures (2020 - 2025).

At the end of the Aviation Security Summit, ACI Europe called to the European Commission to prioritise aviation security. This includes a special focus on a possible no-deal Brexit which is not only an economical threat but also a potential security issue.

Market news

UTM demos, planning and a strategic question

It is clear that drone traffic will increase and that an UTM system is required. But the nature and features of such a system are still not well defined. Could it be that the UTM system completely overtakes the role of the drone pilots? In the mean time, UTM developments, planning and demonstrations continue at a high pace and many European ANSPs claim the leading position. Will UTM be as fragmented as ATM?

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