Weekly review #19 – 4th of October 2019

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Airways New Zealand got affected by technical issues with their power supply. The loss of redundancy caused a country-wide stop of take-offs for 55 minutes. The situation got back to normal rapidly and the communication by the ANSP was remarkably transparent and efficient.

Innovation and consolidation

The Adapt-2020 project which aims to predict traffic released a new website which demonstrates the results of various models. The tools allows to explore an entire day of planned traffic produced by the ADAPT models. It targeting the 1st of September 2017 and using as input only the information available 6 months before the target day.

Innovation affects all domains of ATM and communications is no exception. SITAONAIR and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore will start exploring space-based VHF. This could extend VHF coverage to oceanic areas or areas where classical ground-based VHF is not efficient. Low orbit satellites shall reduce the latency time to acceptable levels.

Innovation shall be followed-up at all levels, including training of technical staff. This is why IFATSEA presented a working paper to the ICAO assembly to ensure that ATSEPs are properly trained in cyber-security.

It is equally important to consolidate innovation into standards to ensure proper long term integration. The fact that NLR, EUROCAE and other partners work on standards for remote towers show that this topic now reaches a new level of maturity.

Tender of the week

Highlands and Islands Airport issued a multi-packages tender covering Air Traffic Management, Air Traffic Engineering, Airport Operations and the Air Traffic Management Strategy Programme. The tender is organised in various parts and HIAL explicitly encourages small and medium enterprises to take part and this is unusual enough to be notified.

Market news

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