Weekly review #20 – 11th of October 2019

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This weeks marks the 20th issue of our weekly review and the release of our exclusive report on Artificial Intelligence in Air Traffic Control. We get a lot positive feedback and the FoxATM Market Radar keeps growing. Thank you to all our early adopters and supporters. Expect more from us in the coming weeks and spread the word, it really helps.

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I attended the EUROCONTROL high level workshop on drones detection last week. The presentations are available via the link above, including a feedback from Gatwick Airport on the incident which affected them. The biggest take aways are that there will be no one-size-fits-all solution and that the European Commission, EUROCONTROL, airports and ANSPs work at different paces. Some talk about producing a common concept of operation and discuss the scope while other are already purchasing drone detection systems. One key point of the scope definition is to define if it is ANSP's or airport's role to care for attacks classified as terrorism, using drones not sending any signal and with really bad indentions. Should civil activities be limited to incidents caused by ignorant or imprudent drone operators or also those with bad intentions? The means required are different and have different costs too.

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