Weekly review #21 – 18th of October 2019

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Micro Nav Ltd recently delivered a portable, voice activated ATC simulator to East Midlands Airport. This is the opportunity to discuss this project but also the simulation industry and more in an exclusive interview with Micro Nav's managing director Greg Pile.

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Drones corner

Joe Polastre, head of UTM products at Airbus UTM presented the integration of Airbus UTM and DroneDeploy during the DroneDeploy 2019 conference. The integrated solution provides briefings and LAANC authorisations in a seamless way. The integration is being tested in private beta. A full release will arrive in Q1 2020, as a web and mobile application.

NATS on technology

NATS completed the transition to electronic strips in the last of their control room, the London Terminal Control Center. At this occasion, NATS released a web page full of information on the technology, the project and how they managed the transition.

NATS also released a report on using technology to enhance arrivals and departures - This article resulting from SESAR 2020 projects details possible interactions between a systemised airspace management tool, an AMAN and Airport Demand Capacity Balancing.

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