Weekly review #10 – 2nd of August 2019

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Are you interested in the pushback incident that occured in Amsterdam last month? We prepared a detailed analysis of changes at equipment and procedures level which could help prevent it in the future.

News from ANSPs


Innovation in ATM

The drones corner

Avinor - the Nowregian ANSP - issued a call for tender for a UTM system this week. We will soon post more about this, stay tuned on our linkedin page to read more soon.

Bad news from drone delivery tests in Switzerland. One of the world's first real-life test has been suspended this week after a second accident. The drone failed and so did the emergency parachute. There was a single rope binding the parachute to the drone and it got cut. This is where the drone industry can learn from other parts of aviation: redundancy everywhere, even in the emergency systems.

Canard Drones keeps very active on the worldwide market. They recently calibrated the approach light systems in Paris Charles de Gaulle and the PAPI in Logrono (Spain)

Training anybody?

Proper training is crucial for ANSPs and airports. Some organizations like EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxemburg or the DFS Academy in Langen have their roots in ANSPs. Manufacturers offer equipment-specific training.

But there are also independent organizations which focus on training:

  • ATSEP Training CH offers ATC familiarisation and ATSEP Basic Training
  • to70 used to offer training as a side activity of their consultancy. Training is now formally part of their offerings

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