Weekly review #31 – 10th of January 2020

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2020 just started and before we dive into news, let me wish you a happy new year :-)

Airport inaugurations are not very frequent in Europe, so the start of operations at Scandinavian Mountains Airport is an event by itself. But there is more: this is the first airport designed and created without an ATC tower. The airport has a remote, digital tower operated by SDATS, the joint venture of SAAB and LFV. The combination of an ANSP and an industry partner proven successful again. You will find more information on remote towers and the future of digital ATC in the Context Information section below.

ANSP news

  • NATS handled less traffic in November - The UK ANSP reported handling 2.3% less traffic in November 2019 compared the previous year. The traffic at airports remains stable. On the oceanic traffic increased, possible an effect of the separation reduction thanks to ADS-B?
  • India DGCA issues licenses to ATCOs - Until now, the Indian ANSP (Airports Authority of India) was issuing licences to they own ATCOs. This task is now taken over by the regulator.
  • Short glitch in Hong-Kong ATC system - Workstations were "unresponsive" and ATCOs used the fallback system until the main system got restored. There was no risk to safety.
  • DFS change their board of directors - Robert Schickling, "Director of Operations" leaves the company after 28 years. A new position of "Director of Technology" is created to foster digital transformation. Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge will come from the company running public transport in Berlin to hold this new position.

Market news

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