Weekly review #01 - 31st of May 2019

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Editor's note

Welcome to the first FoxATM Market Radar weekly review. It contains all links posted on our linkedin page and some more, all from this week. Follow the page to get our daily picks.

This summary contains additional links with news, interesting releases and a bit of opinion. As always, if you want to share something, don't hesitate to contact us at radar@foxatm.com

Opinion: Thales tapping the ATC crowd for better skies

Thales made an interesting move lately with their "better skies" initiative. This is basically an online forum where air traffic controllers can register and have their say on the future of ATM systems. The site call for opinions and ideas on various topics, ranging from HMI improvements to better conflict detection.

One one side, this is a smart move and the intention behind it is good. Thales will certainly get significant input from the ATC crowd at very low cost. On the other side, this initiative is driven directly by the biggest player of the industry to improve their products. Why not an open forum?

We'll keep an eye on it and check what comes out of the better skies initiative. If you want to register, here is a link to it.


Demos and prototypes

Link of the week: Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement

The Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement presents itself that way on their website:

Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement is the name of a project reflecting the joint effort made by 15 aviation partners in 9 EU countries to modernize Air Traffic Management (ATM). The aim of this unprecedented initiative is to improve ATM performance in Europe through the modernization and harmonization of the ATM systems that will enhance the safety for the passengers at the involved airports.