Weekly review #36 – 14th of February 2020

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ANSP news

Airports news

Market news

  • SITTI to provide an emergency VCS to Armenia - The Armenian Air Navigation Service Provider, awarded SITTI the supply of a new emergency Voice Communication System (VCS) to be installed in ARMATS Emergency Centre nearby ZVARTNOTS Yerevan International Airport.

Context information

  • Preparing the network to weather any storms in 2020 - To keep the negative aspects of bad weather from affecting the busy summer period, NM held its first big cross-border weather meeting of the year on 6 February, discussing with 30 representatives from air navigation service providers, meteorological services and airlines the major issues to be tackled, and coming up with concrete ideas for handling bad weather better this summer.
  • Registration for the SESAR Walking Tours at World ATM Congress is open - The tours are the best way to get most out of your visit at the ATM Congress, particularly if your time is limited.
  • EUROCAE Symposium on the 29th and 30th of April in Geneva - The agenda of the symposium is now available and registration is open. Topics include urban air mobility, total airport management, digital transformation and more.
  • Altimetry errors and RVSM by EUROCONTROL - While RVSM has been in operation for a long time now, it is still worth discussion. EUROCONTROL and the FAA organise a common workshop on this topic from the 29th of June to the 1st of July.
  • EUROCONTROL airport corner - The airport corner is used by more than 110 airports to share and participate in various network processes. It also has a public part containing lots of statistics and information about current and upcoming projects.

Research and innovation

  • EASA roadmap on AI in aviation - Artificial Intelligence is impacting a broad range of industries and aviation will be no exception. Regulations and certification standards will have to adapt and this will be quite a challenge. The EASA published their first roadmap, which goes beyond ATC but will also set the bases for ATC and airports.

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