Weekly review #37 – 21st of February 2020

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

Air Traffic Control is not the most innovative industry ever. For good reasons, amongst which safety and regulations, innovation in ATC tends to be slow. Is this changing? Is this an effect of the "regulation period" based funding? Or is it because newcomers like drone operators are pushing and have a different pace? Even a pure ATC technology like remote towers feel like they have been in preparation for years if not decades.

It seems that innovation is coming to ATC more than ever before and faster too. Do you feel the same? Do you think this is a good thing?

ANSP news

Market news

  • Snowflake joins Cirium - Snowflake, an innovator in fusing and streaming live flight and navigational data, has signed an agreement to become part of Cirium, the expanding aviation analytics group.

Reports and data

Research and innovation

  • New techniques to increase runway capacity - The static pairwise separation for departure concept is intended to help increase the number of aircraft taking off, while the staggered threshold concept focuses on planes that are landing. Frederic Rooseleer at EUROCONTROL explains how it all works.
  • Xavier Pretat on remote tower - Review of remote towers history, present and future including economical but also human factors, plus a good overview of deployed projects by Xavier Pretat
  • Indra remote tower - Read details about the Indra remote tower solution, including use of artificial intelligence. This is the solution that is used by avinor and Kongsberg at Bodo.
  • CANSO Smart Digital Tower Task Force, supported by Think Research - The aim is to produce a user-focused document intended to introduce the Digital Tower concept and discuss the key aspects to consider within a Digital Tower programme.
  • Post by SESAR young scientist of the year 2019 - In December 2019, Junzi Sun was awarded the SESAR Young Scientist Award for his research on open aircraft performance modelling. In this article, he describes his academic trajectory to date and highlights the areas of ATM where young researchers should be channeling their curious and critical minds in the coming years.


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