Targeted market intelligence

Much more than information - Market intelligence matching your needs

The FoxATM Market Radar tracks hundreds of companies and information sources on a daily basis. News, calls for tenders, contract awards, publications, blogs, even job offers - all that feeds our market intelligence database and a part of it is visible on this website and in our weekly newsletter.

What kind of market intelligence do you need?

We do not believe in "one-size-fits-all" market intelligence. The needs vary by company and over time:

  • Finding suppliers, customers, consultants or partners?
  • Checking on a market segment or a competitor?
  • Looking for a one-time analysis?
  • Needing periodical market reports to support your sales team?

Let us discuss, understand and evaluate your needs and we can provide you with the tailor-made information that is relevant for you - whatever the size of your company.

Spare yourself the effort for searching and filtering and focus on what matters: managing your relationships.

Connecting people

The Air Traffic Management community is small - but we bet there are more players than you think. Our list of organisations is a good starting point but we can do more and help you get in touch with key people. If you look for partners, customers or suppliers, let us talk and see if we can help you find the right match.


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