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Air Traffic Analytics

Foxbox: Analytics Toolkit

Our Foxbox toolkit produces KPIs like runway occupancy time, holding time, runway capacity, taxi time and much, much more. You can see it in action on our demo page. It shows real-life case studies, including runway occupancy time measurement, detection of runway crossings and show runway capacity and approach time in practice. Foxbox is also powering www.RunwayOccupancy.com which shows how to easily calculate runway occupancy in real-time or in fast time.

If you’re interested in measuring and analysing air traffic, both on the ground and in the air, if you run an APOC or NOC, if you need data analysis tools and want to produce KPIs, contact us at  initialcontact@foxatm.com and let us explore how we can support your operations. We have fresh ideas and tools that can be integrated with your dashboard or we can provide you with a full solution.

Market Intelligence

Market Radar: tracking all what goes on in ATM, UTM and airports

The FoxATM Market Radar follows what is going on across the air traffic management and airports industries. Use it to browse organisations, read news, find calls for tenders, job postings but also read exclusive articles and interviews.

Whether you are buying or selling, the Market Radar will help you find the right partners. Besides the information available on this website, we offer custom services to support your decision making or your sales department.


Expertise and experience on demand

FoxATM supports ANSPs, airports and industry suppliers in their projects. Thanks to our experience, we are rapidly productive and integrate easily in your team. No project is too small and we are used to work with small and large organisations.

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