Market Radar: ATM market intelligence made simple

We scan over 500 websites, social media accounts, and databases daily to extract the best ATM, UTM, and airport industry insights. There’s no effort needed on your end. We curate and validate the information, you receive it in your inbox every week.

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Navigate the market without getting into a tailspin

Market intelligence is crucial for businesses in the ATM and airport space. However, searching for and analysing these insights manually is a time-consuming job.

At FoxATM, we’ve made it a whole lot easier. Our Market Radar automatically extracts information from our growing number of reputable ATM sources. Our domain experts then validate and package up the information, ready for you to use.

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How Market Radar works

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Weekly updates

You’ll receive regular email updates and information-packed Excel spreadsheets, full of the latest global ATM insights.

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Subscription-based service

Sign up for our market intelligence service on a monthly or yearly subscription model.

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Tailored insights

Receive detailed filtering and search options with our premium plan. We also offer individual briefings, tender alerts, and custom research.


Keep up to date with the latest and greatest in ATM

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Explore a growing network

We keep a bird’s eye view of all the big and small players in the market. You’ll receive insights from familiar faces, as well as newer industry partners.

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Receive tender alerts

Get your foot in the door before the competition can. Discover relevant calls for tender, as well as the latest contract wins across the industry.

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Save time and resources

Stay up to date with the latest ATM insights without having to lift a finger. We do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on more important tasks.

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Inform your projects

We foster transparency and knowledge-sharing in the ATM industry. Our insights will help you develop your market and activities.


Let us save you the time and hassle

Market analysis is often the first task to go when work gets too busy. If you struggle to maintain the momentum and keep up to date with industry news, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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About FoxATM

Even the best pilots need a co-pilot.

Founded in 2018, FoxATM has successfully implemented consultation and project work for clients across Europe, the USA, and afar. Fuelled by our love for aviation, it’s our goal to improve communication, develop skills, and foster transparency in the ATM space.

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