Privacy Policy

FoxATM takes the protection of personal data seriously. Our privacy policy defines what we do with the personal data we receive and store.

  • We do not collect, store or process any personal data except for data in direct connection with the business relationship we have with you.

  • The personal data we store comprises by maximum: name, email address, telephone numbers and business address. We do not collect, process or store any other or special categories of personal data.

  • We collect data from the following sources:

  • data you provide us when visiting our website and using our contact form.

  • contact details provided within business relationships

  • business cards with contact details given to us by the business card holder

  • personal data sent to us in applications for job opportunities.

  • We delete all personal data when the business relationship comes to an end.

  • You can ask us which personal data we store about you and we will provide you with that data.