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We’re a remote team of ATM specialists, driven by our desire to support projects, facilitate communications, build networks, and foster transparency in the ATM industry.

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A familiar face in the ATM space

Fuelled by his love for aviation and his niche expertise in ATM, Vincent Lambercy founded FoxATM in 2018.

In the years since, the business has grown from an army of one to a gang of seven, with our experts working remotely in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hamburg, Delft, Vilnius, and Ottawa.

We value close, one-on-one relationships with our customers, offering reliable project support, training, and high-quality market intelligence. Think of it as ATM expertise-as-a-service; it’s as plane and simple as that. (And, yes, we’re not opposed to an aviation pun or two.)

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Meet your FoxATM crew

Vincent Lambercy

Vincent Lambercy

Vincent founded FoxATM after working 17 years with ANSPs in technical and sales roles with ANSPs and the industry. He has a strong technical and commercial experience in international projects and set foot on all five continents. Book a call with Vincent.

Julija Razmislaviciene

Julija Razmislaviciene

Julija’s story in aviation began more than 20 years ago. After being an air traffic controller, a head of ACC, Julija joined FoxATM team to focus on operational consultancy, human factors, stress and fatigue management and many more. She holds an ATCO license with STDI and assessor endorsements. Book a call with Julija.

Stephan Schuricht

Stephan Schuricht

Stephan has been working in the aviation industry since 2016. After working as a project engineer in various ATC projects for 5 years, he joined FoxATM in 2021 and has been involved in various drone-related projects since then.

Katarzyna Zmudzinska

Katarzyna Zmudzinska

Katarzyna is an ATM consultant with an international experience in technical and regulatory projects gained in consulting companies and organisations like European Commission, Eurocontol and ICAO. She is a General Aviation pilot.

FoxATM helps me to get a quick overview of how ATM and UTM evolve around the world. Very useful to stay aware! Thanks.

Julie Saint-Lot
ATM Program Manager - ENAC (FR)

I like the innovation and market news, it helps me get a better overview of what goes on in the ATM business.

Tomasz Kłosowicz
Head of Business Development - PANSA

Fox ATM is my #1 source for ATM, UTM and airports news. Its brief commentary on a variety of topics keeps me posted on what's going on in aviation, effortlessly.

Vera Ferraiuolo
R&I Senior dissemination consultant - DeepBlue

FoxATM Market Radar is my one stop shop for global ATM information. Curated with great expertise, it is a time saving must-read for anybody in the ATM industry. 

Kamel Rebaï
CEO - MetSafeATM Program Manager - ENAC (FR)


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We scan, curate, validate, and deliver ATM and UTM insights from over 500 websites, databases, and social channels.


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