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We’re FoxATM: aviation consultants with a specialism in ATM. We help ANSPs, airports, and industry providers overcome their expertise and resource gaps, network with market players, and stay in the tailwinds of the latest ATM intelligence.

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ATM expertise as a service

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ATM consultation

We’re seasoned experts in the ATM niche and our experience is diverse. Our team provides hands-on technical, strategic and operational consultation, guided by your needs.

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Project support

We take on projects of all sizes, types, and lengths. Our experts have delivered training, networking, and communications support for some of the biggest names in ATM.

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Market intelligence

Inform your ATM activities with our curated and validated market intelligence subscription service. Available on free and premium levels, we scan over 500 websites, databases, and social media accounts for the most relevant information.

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Network outreach

We have an aerial view of the ATM industry and maintain close relationships with big and small industry players. It’s our goal to facilitate knowledge-sharing and growth, improve transparency, and forge new connections.


Why choose us?

Do you lack the resources to implement your ATM activities? Or the time to keep up to date with the latest market insights?

That’s where we come in.

At FoxATM, we use our expertise and vast network to bridge your resource gaps. Our team delivers practical project support and validated market intelligence, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more pressing activities.

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FoxATM helps me to get a quick overview of how ATM and UTM evolve around the world. Very useful to stay aware! Thanks.

Julie Saint-Lot
ATM Program Manager - ENAC (FR)

I like the innovation and market news, it helps me get a better overview of what goes on in the ATM business.

Tomasz Kłosowicz
Head of Business Development - PANSA

Fox ATM is my #1 source for ATM, UTM and airports news. Its brief commentary on a variety of topics keeps me posted on what's going on in aviation, effortlessly.

Vera Ferraiuolo
R&I Senior dissemination consultant - DeepBlue

FoxATM Market Radar is my one stop shop for global ATM information. Curated with great expertise, it is a time saving must-read for anybody in the ATM industry. 

Kamel Rebaï
CEO - MetSafeATM Program Manager - ENAC (FR)



About FoxATM

Even the best pilots need a co-pilot.

Founded in 2018, FoxATM has successfully implemented consultation and project work for clients across Europe, the USA, and afar. Fuelled by our love for aviation, it’s our goal to improve communication, develop skills, and foster transparency in the ATM space.

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Radar Contact Podcast

Coming to airwaves near you: listen to our insightful podcasts, led by us and featuring guests from the ATM space.

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