Foxbox – air traffic data analysis tool


Foxbox is an air traffic analysis tool. It uses patterns matching to extract valuable insights. Getting the number of landings on a runway is as simple as drawing a line along the threshold on a map. Foxbox can the count the number of flights crossing it in landing direction.

Runway occupancy wanted? Create a rectangle around the runway. Foxbox can the detect when aircraft enters and vacate the runway and produce metrics.

Configuring Foxbox is easy and KPIs can be obtained with a few clicks. The simple mechanisms make possible to identify complex patterns and measure airport and airspace performance.

Foxbox can analyze large amounts of historical data or work with live data feeds to produce KPIs and alarms in real time. It is vendor independent and can use any kind of surveillance data, including feeds from online ADS-B data providers.

Foxbox is also vendor independent and open on the output side. The analysis results and KPIs can be integrated in an existing dashboard or in a custom made website. Alerts can be send per email, or reports can be generated in text files and spreadsheets.

Check our demo website to see real-life examples:

Runway occupancy at Zurich airport
Holding time, approach time and runway capacity at London Heathrow
Taxi time reduction using swingover approaches in Frankfurt am Main

Foxbox is also the base of – showing how easy it is to calculate runway occupancy in real-time or fast time.

Do you want to measure air traffic in your airspace or at your airport? Do you want to check on another place or compare your airline’s performance to others? Contact us at and let’s discuss how getting your own Foxbox can help you.