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Aerlabs B.V. is a young, ambitious software company whose mission is to improve the Air Transport system by helping stakeholders measure, understand and improve their processes through the use of Software. Founded in 2017 through TU Delft's Aerospace Innovation Hub, AerLabs developed a product called Echo, designed to model noise from commercial air traffic around airports in a way that can be integrated into the users software. With Echo API, AerLabs quickly became a major player within the airport noise industry in the Netherlands.

In addition to aircraft noise, AerLabs also provides platforms for aircraft surveillance data, a tailored live aircraft tracker and ad-hoc aircraft noise calculations. AerLabs also collaborates with other companies to develop software that improves the Air Transport system for all users.

AerLabs have promised exciting and innovative product releases in 2021, keep an eye on their website and LinkedIn for latest developments.


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