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AZIMUT is a leading Russian developer and supplier of air traffic management equipment. The Company is actively involved in the work on modernization of the Unified Air Traffic Management System (UATMS) of the Russian Federation

AZIMUT carries out development, serial production and delivery of radio-communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and air traffic control automation systems on a turnkey basis to civil aviation enterprises as well as develops and carries out complex projects for equipping and re-equipping of integrated airports and air traffic control centers.

At present, more than 6000 units of Azimut products are successfully used in the Russian Federation and all over the world: Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Cuba, Egypt and Lithuania.

The Company’s complex approach, as a system integrator, is rendering a package of services for the development of engineering solutions and a flexible information-network infrastructure allowing, in the future, to efficiently integrate new subsystems and applications with no additional expense.

The main products provided by Azimut for civil aviation are:

  1. Radio navigation and landing systems:
  • Instrumental landing system ILS 2700
  • Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (DVOR)
  • VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME/P, DME/N)
  • Non-directional beacon (NDB)
  • ILS / DME
  1. Surveillance systems:
  • Primary surveillance radar (PSR)
  • Secondary surveillance radar (SSR)
  • Automatic depended surveillance broadcast (ADS-B)
  • Multilateration (MLAT)/Wide area multilateration (WAM)
  • Aeronautical radio communication equipment:
  • VHF\UHF radios Serie2000
  • VHF\UHF transmitter and receiver centers
  • Full range of antennas, auxiliary and RCM equipment
  1. Aeronautical Information Management:
  • Implementation aeronautical data flow management tools;
  • Integrated aeronautical database;
  • Aeronautical information publication;
  • Distribution tools;
  • Procedure/rout/airspace design and validation tools;
  • Aeronautical maps creation tools;
  • eTOD& AMDB data creation and storage.
  1. Air Traffic Control system:
  • 4D Trajectory based Air Traffic Management System «GALAXY»;
  • Central Flow Management Unit
  • Integrated Air Navigation Monitoring; and Control Center.
  1. Networked Voice Communication System for Air Traffic Management (VCS 2700)
  • Voice Communication System supporting Dynamic Sectorisation;
  • from small towers to international collaborative operations;
  • Advanced VoIP. High production performance is due to the full manufacturing cycle of equipment with modern technological solutions, and also to the conformance to ISO 9001-2011, focused on permanent updating of production capacities and products creation.

Additional products for civil use are:

-         Establishment of the modern unified integrated security system for the international airports;

-         Automated fare collection system in public transport (federal level, regional level, local level, to the order of a transport company);

-         Arrangement system of Parking areas including special objects;

-         System of monitoring and dispatching transportation (on-board unit, Tachograph);

-         Automated emergency and incident warning system;

-         Integration of cash registers with cloud services in the interests of online reporting;

-         Iris recognition biometric systems.

Modern equipment and process automation enables the company to ensure high quality of products and maintain the competitive level of development and production process. Automated management and control are ensured in all the product manufacturing cycles, from processing of metal to testing and quality control of assemblies and finished products. For the design of products and their preparation for manufacture CAD/CAM/CAE systems are used. The quality management system is certified to meet the requirements of national standards GOST ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012, which are based on international standard ISO 9001.

Research and development

AZIMUT is always involved in fundamental research indispensable for creating new state-of-the-art equipment. The company’s terms of reference include:

  • forecasting and planning of creation and implementation of ATN communication network for ensuring the operations of the Interior Affairs Agency, airports, airlines and other customers, ensuring communications in remote regions;
  • creation and implementation of modern communication and data transmission systems;
  • scheduled generation and processing of signals from transceiver and aerial systems;
  • radio wave propagation and creation of highly effective software-controlled phased antenna arrays with aperture and remote control;
  • automation and design of SHF devices and aerial systems;
  • issues concerned with generation of complex HF signals of navigation and communication systems using hardware and software methods;
  • issues concerned with implementation of receiving and transmitting routes and devices.


Production efficiency is achieved by a continuous state of exploration and adoption of innovative technologies and state-of-the-art engineering tools, implementation of a through production preparation and organization cycle on the basis of an in-house electronic archive and automated control system.



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