Hellenic U-Space Institute

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The Hellenic U-Space Institute (HUSI) is a non-profit consortium of worldwide Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) experts, (ATC) Air Traffic Controllers manned aviation pilots, unmanned aviation pilots, aeronautical engineers, Aerospace academic Professors, and specific scientist staff.

Its purpose is to foster the safe, secure and efficient integration of drones in national airspace systems. Its mission is to support and accelerate the transparent implementation of globally interoperable UTM systems.

HUSI members collaborate remotely. The foundation of our organization is based on professionalism, aviation education, legal processes, sensitivity and respect for personal rights/data and the high-quality data processing of the gathered drone intelligence.

HUSI operates from 2020 under the name "Hellenic U-Space Institute " as a nonprofit organization providing R&D and innovation activities on the field of (UTM) Unmanned Traffic Management (UAM) Urban Air Mobility and U-Space development for drone operations and solutions.

HUSI focuses on innovative consulting services and close cooperation with the regulation’s authorities for the use of drones. Specifically, HUSI undertakes the design and implementation of unmanned aerial systems operations in U-Space depending on the requirements and wishes of each client. It also offers consulting services for the drone accident investigation and procedure development. .

HUSI is an innovative UAV nonprofit organization and confronts the challenges of the future and on the other hand, must be ready to act and take advantage of the opportunities, especially of new technologies.

One of the major HUSI activities is its new investments using self-funding, and public / European programs funding for research, innovation, and technological development.



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