INVOLI is a Swiss company specialized in the development and commercialization of low level air airspace air traffic surveillance and drone traffic management. As an active partner of GUTMA and SUSI U-Space implementation, INVOLI offers a unique combination of a ground based network of air traffic receivers, drone trackers and visualization platform offering:
  • A precise airworthiness assessment is a key element for drone operators and DSP to obtain BVLOS flight authorizations from aviation authorities.
  • An airspace management and situational awareness solution based on INVOLI's multilateration system.
  • A C-UAV solution designed to protect specific areas by detecting malicious drones and white label authorised drones equipped with drone trackers.

All data refined by INVOLI's servers can also be provided via API to a third-party system such as airports, ATM, ANSP, UTM, public bodies or drone operators.


About involi

Empowering drones to avoid mid-air collisions

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