MC Solutions, grown on the footprint of an inventor, is now a reality of excellence in runway lights management, automatic surface guidance control and runway incursion prevention on Optical Fiber technology. Revolutionary ideas in separating cable, sending data on Optical Fiber granting safety, speed and efficiency.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and tenacity of his son Maurizio, now general manager of MC Solutions, years of study and improvement have brought to a worldwide patented product MCLO Monitor Control Lamp Optical and to a wide variety of high-tech applications in various branches: from security to smart data management, for instance in gas distribution, audio and video service, analog/digital networks, optical fiber data distribution and custom engineered and manufactured devices.
MCLO - AGL Monitoring Modules
CDU - Runway Incursion sensor (NO-MICROWAVES)
MIA SYSTEM - Tailored Airfield control and monitoring software A-LCMS/A-SMGCS
Remote and on portable devices

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