#06 - Free Aviation Safety Management System - to7o UK

23rd of December 2020 - Huw Ross, Managing director of to7o UK

to70 released an aviation Safety Management System (SMS)... for free. In this interview, we discuss what it contains, how it can help organisation with different levels of complexity and maturity and why the decision was made to offer it online and for free.

#05 - ATCO licences validation in simulator at Paris CDG

5th of November 2020 - Jérémie Bayle, Head of Simulator Training, DSNA / CDG

How to validate ATCO licences when the traffic levels are historically low because of COVID? The French DSNA at CDG adapted the training and validation processes to make more use of simulators. They can now validate licences using a mix of real traffic and simulator. 

#04 - AviationAction - Helping the aviation community in COVID times

15th of June 2020 - Chris Wild, Aviation Action

Aviation Action is here to help aviation professional in need because of the COVID crisis. Chris Wild explains what kind of help they can provide but also how individuals or organisations can join forces for a better support to the aviation family. If you need help, visit www.aviationaction.org for immediate support.


#03 - Cloud-based, remote ATC training and COVID-19

1st of June 2020 - Greg Pile, Micro Nav

How can the remote features of Micro Nav's BEST ATC simulator be used to support ANSPs requiring remote simulation, especially in times like the COVID-19 crisis.


#02 - Space-based ADS-B: Safety, Technics, Processes and Certification

5th of May 2020 - Cyriel Kronenburg, Sinéad McCloskey, Vincent Capezzuto, Aireon

How does Aireon manage the safety of their space-based ADS-B service? We discuss this at technical, processes and certification levels and more.


#01 - Airport and air traffic capacity enhancement

2nd of April 2020 - Johannes Schuster, Aeroficial Intelligence.

We discussed air traffic and airport capacity enhancements using analytics, big data and artificial intelligence.