FoxATM Market Intelligence

Knowledge is power

When it comes to understanding the ATM market, finding information isn’t the hard part.

As the owner of a business working with the air traffic management and airports industries you will know that getting market intelligence on the right companies is vital.

FoxATM Market Intelligence gives you powerful insights to put you on the inside track.

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Regular updates

You may not have the time to do this analysis systematically or regularly. We scan 120+ sites and follow 400+ social media accounts every day.

Save time

You and your sales team need a comprehensive view of the market. We can give you the insight you need without adding to your headcount.

Focus on essentials

We can help your nurture sales and develop the business without sifting through a sea of information with our searchable, filtered database of market knowledge.

ATM, UTM and airport information curated by industry experts for industry leaders.

The FoxATM Market Radar curates information in ATM, UTM and airport industries by systematically capturing, storing and distributing relevant, high-quality information.

We use automation combined with validation by domain experts to ensure that you get valuable market intelligence. It’s the best of both worlds: broad coverage and human analysis.

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Save time, save money

  • All plans include regular email updates
  • Our premium plans add more detailed filtering and search options
  • Access our industry experts for individual briefings and additional custom research

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