ATC / ATM Webinars

May 2020

6th - GATM - Collaboration & COVID-19 recovery

21st - Flight Safety Foundation - Managing COVID-19: Impact on Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) - impressive panel, including EUROCONTROL's DG, NAV Canada's CEO and FAA's COO.

26th - CANSO - CEO Series with Michiel Van Dorst - LVNL

June 2020

3rd - EUROCONTROL - Introduction to airspace management

4th - EUROCONTROL - Implementing an SMS in ATM

4th - CANSO - Safely Navigating the Industry Restart Series- Human Factors for ATCOs and Dispatchers

4th - Guardrec - Recording and Replay of ED-137 VoIP

4th - IFATCA - Safely navigating the industry restart 

6th - GATM - Remote training for ATC

10th - Pitch, EUROCAE, EUROCONTROL - HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation

10th - Searidge and HungaroControl - Digital and Remote Towers - Managing the COVID-19 crisis

11th - International Airport Review - Live industry briefing with ACI Europe Director General Olivier JanKovec

11th - ACI - Airport restart and recovery during uncertain time

15th - SESAR JU - Enabling trajectory-based operations

16th - DFS Aviation Services - Phoenix, Web Phoenix, Drones tracking, Drones detection, AMAN, Remote tower control

18th - GATM, Airways International, Micro Nav, GCAA, Think Aero - Virtual training for ATCOs

23rd - SESAR JU - ATM architecture and CNS

25th - Reboot Aviation - Reboot A-CDM: How to make a good thing better!

29th - SESAR - Young Scientist Awards recipients present their work

30th - SESAR JU - European ATM Masterplan in a nutshell

July 2020

1st - GATM - Restarting operations post COVID-19

2nd - Is COVID-19 a game changer for ATM - with Henrik Hololei, Eamonn Brennan and Florian Guillermet

August 2020

5th - GATM - Reducing staffing costs with remote towers

September 2020

2nd - GATM - Industry insight with the experts, where are we now?

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020