A bunch of good news in COVID-19 times

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

I spend a significant amount of time gathering and reviewing news about ATC, ATM, UTM and airports to feed this platform Do I get bored and overwhelmed by COVID-19 news? You bet! So here is a post for you with exclusively good news. You're welcome :-)

Research keeps going

Nothing beats leading edge technology and research to stay positive about the future of our industry. The German Airspace Laboratory (DLR) explores using virtual reality as a "low-cost" remote tower for smaller airfields. ATRiCS and their partners got funding to explore voice and handwriting recognition in ATC. How about an A-SMGCS reacting to your voice or an EFS recognising what you wrote on the e-strip?

European ANSPs and airlines find a deal

On one side, EUROCONTROL granted a delay to airlines to delay 1.1 billion EUR in ATC fees. On the other side, EUROCONTROL got allowed to take a loan of 1.27 billion EUR to pay up to 51% of ANSPs operating costs for four months. That should bring us through the hardest part of this crisis.

Projects keep going

Other states support their ANSPs and airports with new projects or continuing existing ones. ISAVIA just got 25 million EUR of funding for a new terminal and an upgrade of roads and runways at Keflavik airport.

Solidarity and initiatives everywhere

From passenger aircraft being turned into cargo to t-shirts being printed to support ATC and health professionals, spontaneous initiatives, funny videos and signs of hope are also very frequent. New partnerships are also created: airport staff goes work at the hospital to support with tasks they know like security.