Projected Procurements and Airport Projects - Incredible India!

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

This is not an easy period for the aviation industry. Traffic numbers are dramatically low because of the COVID-19 crisis and the whole supply chain from airlines to ANSPs and airports is under tremendous pressure. In Europe lockdowns slowly get lifted but borders remain mostly closed. India is in full lockdown too and it is really unclear when passenger numbers will grow again. But optimism is here and while some ANSPs cancel projects, Airport Authority of India updated their projected procurements page. As usual, the numbers are impressive and to the scale of the country. The projections are split in four categories: CNS, engineering, IT and technology.

Here is a "short" extract of what Airport Authority of India plans for the next three to five years in terms of engineering procurement projects:

  • 4 "greenfield airports": Dhalbhumgarh, Hollangi, Hirasar, Dholera
  • 2 new ACCs at Kolkata and Mumbai
  • 24 new ATC towers
  • 10 new terminal buildings or major renewal projects
  • 9 extensions of existing terminal buildings
  • 3 airports extensions
  • 10 new water aerodromes

At lower level, the list of CNS items to be procured is quite impressive too. It is not only about the numbers but about the intention is shows to take steps towards the most modern technologies available for air traffic management:

  • 598 VHF receivers and transmitters
  • 25 Digital ATIS
  • 22 NDBs, 24 ILSs, 15 VORs, 17 DMEs, 1 GBAS station
  • 8 Approach radars, 10 Mode-S radars
  • 5 ADS-B stations
  • 2 A-SMGCS
  • 5 approach automation systems with A-SMGCS
  • 1 ATC automation system for the ACC in Kolkata
  • 1 Remote tower
  • 3 Airbus A320 simulators

Will the impact of the COVID-19 bring these numbers down in the future? Or will the expected economical growth of India and the need for domestic and international travel be stronger? Only time will tell...