Weekly Review #200 - Plans to bring Gatwick's northern runway into regular use

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First up, we have news from the UK with plans to bring Gatwick Airport's northern runway into regular use. If the plans are approved, the runway could be operational by 2030. As Gatwick aims to handle around 75 million passengers a year by that time, the runway will go a long way in helping it meet future demand.

Next, there's exciting news from Belgium where Brussels Airport and skeyes are working together to reduce aviation's environmental footprint. The collaborative research project, supported by Eurocontrol, will analyse a new landing procedure with the hope of determining if landings with steeper descent gradients have an advantage in reducing local noise impact, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.


From Central America, we're hearing news of advancements in the form of standardised ATM systems. Indra is set to upgrade the Approach Control Centres of Central America and the Area Control Centre of Corporacion Centroamericana de Servicios de Navegación Aerea over a six-year period. The project is estimated to cost 24.6 million euros and will make regional air traffic more efficient and sustainable.


And last but not least, FoxATM is celebrating 200 editions of our Weekly Review! Thanks to all our loyal readers who tune in weekly for our data insights. We look forward to publishing many more editions in the years to come.

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  • ANSP news

    • Papua New Guinea expands use of Aireon space-based ADS-B data - The entire flight information region of Papua New Guinea – from the ground to 60,000 feet – will use Aireon space-based ADS-B data to manage aircraft, under an agreement signed by NiuSky Pacific Limited, the air navigation service provider of Papua New Guinea, and Aireon.
    • Kick-off meeting of the control center upgrade project in Belize - The CEO of COCESNA, began a meeting with the personnel of the Corporation and the participation of the Director of the DGAC of Belize and Mr. Stanley Gideon, as well as representatives of Indra Sistemas with the purpose of holding a launch meeting and communicate the scope, planning, organization and main activities of the Central American Control Centers Update Project, including the APP/TWR Control Center and Voice Communications System of the Belize International Airport.
    • Twentieth meetings of the DANUBE FAB governing bodies - The DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies met in Sofia for their twentieth meetings, marking the continuous efforts of Bulgaria and Romania to shape the strategic direction and priorities for the FAB and to progress further their cooperation with key projects for the benefit of safe and efficient provision of ANS.

    Airports news

    • Plans to bring Gatwick's Northern Runway into regular use likely to be submitted within weeks - British Aviation Group - The application to bring the existing Northern Runway into regular use is being finalised now. If approved, the runway could be operational by 2030, helping the airport to meet future demand as it seeks to grow to around 75m passengers a year by the late 2030s. He said the plans, which he described as fully in line with Government policy to make best use of existing runways, would help unlock new capacity, improve resilience and deliver new global connections.
    • skeyes and Brussels Airport work together on a new landing procedure that can reduce environmental footprint of aviation - Brussels Airport and skeyes are investing together in research to develop new landing procedures that can improve the local environmental quality. The research that will be conducted by skeyes and Brussels Airport, with the support of Eurocontrol, is one of the components of the HERON project, led by Airbus. This project will analyse whether landings with steeper descent gradients have an advantage in terms of reducing the local noise impact, as well as CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.
    • Ayodhya will get an airport this summer - Ayodhya will get an airport this summer i.e., “Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Airport.” It has been designed to reflect the spiritual ethos of this pilgrim city that is expected to attract lakhs of devotees. Spread over 6,000 square meters, the terminal will have a peak hour capacity of handling 300 passengers with the annual capacity being six lakh flyers. The building will shine aesthetically and functionally, displaying a perfect mix of local architecture with a modern architectural note.

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