Weekly Review #201 - New terminal buildings at Kolhapur and Dallas

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First up, we have news from India, with a new terminal at Kolhapur Airport that will address growing passenger traffic through enhanced capacity and operations. The project will include an extension of the runway, as well as the construction of a new apron and parking bay.

Next, we have news of another additional terminal building, this time in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and American Airlines announced the construction of a sixth terminal. Over the next decade, almost $5 billion will be spent on projects for the new terminal.


From the Asia Pacific, we have news of an extended partnership between Airways International and MITRE. With this continuing collaboration, the two organisations aim to further explore opportunities to support the future development of the Asia Pacific aviation sector.


And last but not least, we have another episode of our podcast Radar Contact for you. This week, we sit down with Christian Woborsky, the Product Manager OneControl at ADB Safegate, to discuss tools for air traffic control.


ANSP news

  • FAB CE develops service level agreement for managing 1030/1090MHz data loads - FAB CE has drawn up a service level agreement to avoid data overloads between airborne and ground-based stakeholders exchanging operational data on 1030/1090MHz frequencies.
  • FABEC 2023 social dialogue committee in Luxembourg - FABEC staff representatives and ANSPs took this opportunity to discuss a range of topics such as resilience and financial stability, RP4 issues, the future of the program of the Single European Sky as well as the deployment of SESAR projects and the licensing of ATCOs. The parties concerned underlined the importance of maintaining dialogue in order to jointly find the most appropriate solutions to face current and future challenges in the field of FABEC.
  • ENAIRE’s Governing Board highlights the progress made in its strategic objectives - Route charges remain below 2019 and since 2020, they have been the lowest of any major European provider; ENAIRE’s quality of service, with a much lower level of delays than other major European providers, has been recognised internationally; ENAIRE is in the process of being designated an initial provider of CIS for drones; 2.5 million nautical miles avoided, 87,000 tonnes of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere and 27,600 tonnes of fuel saved.

Airports news

Market news

  • Flightradar24 chooses Lido Sky Data for flight tracking services - Lufthansa Systems announced that Flightradar24 opted for Lido Sky Data as a basis for their global flight tracking services. Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Sky Data offers aeronautical navigation data with worldwide coverage. Flightradar24 will benefit from this standardized and up-to-date high quality aeronautical dataset, which consists of many different features such as airports, runways, waypoints and airways.
  • Isavia and NIB Sign Loan Agreement for Keflavik Airport Expansion - Isavia ohf. and Nordic Investment Bank have signed a 10-year loan agreement of EUR 50 million to finance the construction of the Keflavik International Airport expansion, which involves the construction of the new East Wing.

Reports and data

Research and innovation


  • Airwayz and FlightOps partner to automate U-space/UTM drone operations - Unmanned airspace - Israeli UTM company Airwayz has today announced a partnership with FlightOps, a company specializing in advanced unmanned aerial vehicle operating systems. The integration between FlightOps flight automation software and Airwayz’ UTM system will allow drone operators to automate drone management and will be used for the first time during the second phase of the Israel National Drone Initiative.
  • Airbus UTM Developing Fairness Concept For Drone Airspace Access - First-come, first-served—the decades-old paradigm for equitable access to airspace—is being challenged as uncrewed aircraft enter the airspace in greater numbers, requiring a new definition of fairness.
  • The Importance Of Cognitive Load Management For Complex UAS Operations - Learn about the importance of reducing cognitive load in BVLOS UAS airspace management, and the potential risks of high cognitive load for operators. Discover how automated tools, such as smart traffic filters and conflict warning systems, can aid decision-making and improve safety. IRIS Terminal provides decision support tools for UAS operators to manage their cognitive load and enhance mission safety.