Weekly Review #203 - FAB CE deploy ATM environmental performance dashboard

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First up, in news from Central Europe, FAB CE will deploy a customised ATM environmental performance dashboard. 'The dashboard will not give us absolute values but it will provide us with a clear view of operational trends which will allow us to generate and monitor our key environmental performances metrics,' said Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager and Director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd.

Next, in more news from Europe, the ICAO Secretary General has been advocating for European cooperation on sustainability, resilience and innovation. Last week, Juan Carlos Salazar concluded five days of meetings with European transport and environmental policy leaders. Mr Salazar also launched the 'Capacity Building for Sustainable Aviation Fuels eligible under CORSIA and in support of achieving net zero emissions by 2050' project within the framework of the ICAO Capacity-building and Training for Sustainable Aviation Fuels programme.


There's also news from Airspace World 2023 where CANSO and Infina signed a partnership agreement to deliver cost-effective courses to the global aviation community. 'This new partnership provides cost-effective, computer-based learning that supports global ANSPs in achieving local and regional aviation safety requirements,' said Sue Meeks, President, Infina.


And last but not least, we have another episode of our podcast Radar Contact for you. This week, we sit down with Paul Stevens, CEO of Mayflower College, to discuss communication in ATC.

ANSP news

  • Signing of memorandum of understanding between COCESNA and the Cuban Air Navigation Company - The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to establish the general conditions that achieve cooperation and technical assistance between COCESNA and ECNA, for which the Parties make available their technical capabilities, knowledge, experience, skills, resources and available technologies, in order to reciprocally provide the necessary cooperation that is of mutual benefit in the field of civil aeronautics.
  • Austro Control GmbH - "Plate Lines" for mitigation of wake turbulences - DLR and Austro Control have successfully tested a new method for reducing wake turbulences during approach.
  • Aireon is REDDIG ready in Latin America - Members of REDDIG are now able to access Aireon data over the REDDIG regional digital network for air traffic services. REDDIG, which consists of 28 nodes, is managed by ICAO South America Regional Office. After a series of network validations, COCESNA has become the first to use REDDIG to connect to Aireon data, clearing the path for other ANSPs in the region to do the same.
  • FAB CE to deploy a customised ATM environmental performance dashboard - FAB CE is implementing a customised air traffic management environmental dashboard to monitor the environmental performance of aircraft operators in its airspace area in terms of fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions, horizontal and vertical airspace efficiency and continuous descent and climb operations.
  • CANSO partners with Infina to launch new ANSP Learning portal - CANSO - The partnership, signed during Airspace World 2023, sees CANSO and Infina agree to deliver cost-effective technical and management micro-learning and mixed media courses, virtually to the global aviation community. In a key development in the programme, the first courses are now available through the CANSO/Infina ANSP Learning Portal.
  • COCESNA signs letter of service provision agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority of El Salvador - The objective of the Agreement Letter signed and specified by both authorities, is to explain the obligations between the State of El Salvador and the Air Navigation Services provider COCESNA, in relation to the Provision of Design of Instrument Flight Procedures and Aeronautical Charts, used in the Salvadoran Airspace, which are available in the eAIP.

Market news

  • Indra enters into a binding agreement to acquire Park Air, a specialist in aerospace & defence communications systems - Indra has entered into a binding agreement with NG to acquire Park Air. Park Air is a leader in ground-to-air radio systems and designs, manufactures, delivers and supports ATM radios throughout the world with two core product lines serving the civil and military sectors. Key customers include Air Navigation Service Providers Airports, Systems Integrators and Government Military Organisations. Ground to Air radios enable communication with aircraft during take-off, flight and landing.
  • Murzilli Consulting and Hionos partner together - Murzilli Consulting and Hionos partner together! The new U-space regulations have empowered drone and advanced aviation organisations to further develop and implement their solutions in Europe, but there are still significant barriers that stand in the way before they can begin to integrate and sell their products on the commercial market.
  • Jotron AS acquires Skipper Electronics AS - Jotron announced the acquisition of Skipper Electronics AS. Skipper was established in 1984 and is a leading brand within the maritime market. As part of this strategic alliance, to integrate yet preserve the widely recognized brand, Skipper Electronics AS will be renamed Jotron Skipper AS.

Context information


  • SESAR Joint Undertaking - AURA presents its U-space solutions - In April, the SESAR 3 JU AURA industrial research project brought together stakeholders in Madrid to present two solutions delivered thanks to the work of the demonstration consortium. Coordinated by Indra, the AURA project aims to integrate the management of the very low-level airspace (VLL) or U-space as it is also known, with traditional air traffic management systems. The goal is to enable seamless operations between U-space and ATM.