Weekly Review #206 - a world first from AEROTHAI

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First up, a world first from AEROTHAI, with the execution of a demonstration flight based on multi-regional trajectory-based operations (TBO). Its aim is to shift from voice exchanges to data sharing across interoperable systems, and to improve the safety and efficiency of air traffic management in accordance with the ICAO’s operational concept.

Next, we have news of exciting advancements in Denmark, with Copenhagen Airport becoming one of the most digitised airports in the world. With the launch of AIRHART, the airport has merged over 100 different systems into a single, real-time data platform. The platform not only revolutionises the airport’s operations but also creates a modular foundation for future AI breakthroughs.


In other airport news, Gatwick Airport is expected to submit its second runway DCO application within two weeks. As part of the plans, the airport wants to rebuild its Northern Runway, which it currently uses as a standby and for maintenance. This would mean moving the centre line of the runway further north by 12m, so that it meets global safety standards for dual runway departures.


And last but not least, we have news from India where Boeing is set to invest $100 million. According to a White House statement, the money will be used for infrastructure and programs to train pilots in the country. This follows Air India signing orders for over 200 Boeing jets earlier this week.


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  • NAV CANADA reports May 2023 traffic figures - In May 2023 weighted charging units were higher on average by 11.9 percent compared to the same month in fiscal 2022. As compared to the same month in fiscal 2019, May 2023 weighted charging units were lower on average by 4.5 percent.

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