Weekly Review #208 - London Stansted Airport proposes terminal extension

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First up, London Stansted Airport has announced its proposal for a terminal extension involving a three-bay extension to the back of its existing terminal building. The project would create a larger departure lounge, upgraded facilities and more amenities for passengers. Construction will begin next summer pending approval and take around three years to complete.

Next, the Engage 2 project has officially kicked off and launched its social networks. Building on its predecessor, the Engage Knowledge Transfer Network, Engage 2 aims to support the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking in preparing and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals for the digital economy.

In more news from Europe, two new SESAR Solutions recently got the green light. These solutions will improve collaborative decision-making between airspace users, local flow managers, and the Network Manager, enhancing coordination and increasing the predictability of air traffic in Europe’s airspace.

Last but not least, Frequentis has purchased 100% of the Norwegian software company GuardREC ATC, which develops recorder solutions for the air traffic control market. The company has many years of knowledge and experience in safety- and operation-critical applications.

ANSP news

  • ENAIRE and DSNA meet with EUROCONTROL at the Marseille Control Centre to follow up on airspace management projects - Enrique Maurer and Florian Guillermet met at the Marseille Air Traffic Control Centre, together with the Director of the EUROCONTROL Network Management Iacopo Prissinotti, to consolidate the progress made in coordinaing and improving the operating procedures at cross-border airspace.
  • FABEC States User Consultation - Representatives of Airspace Users, FABEC States, FABEC States bureau and FABEC ASB Chair 2023 (ANA Luxembourg), met on June 30th in Brussels for the annual Airspace User Consultation with the aim of having an open and structured dialogue about current and future challenges faced by the Air navigation industry.

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