Weekly Review #217 - A call for air traffic controllers in Bulgaria

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

First up, we're hearing news of a recruitment drive for air traffic controllers in Bulgaria. BULATSA Academy asks interested candidates to submit their documents online before the end of 30 October. Anyone who submits their application after this date will instead be considered for the spring 2024 selection.

Next, there's news from Peru where air traffic controllers are enhancing their skills. Sixty-three controllers from the Jorge Chavez Airport Control Tower and Lima Control Centre are undergoing specialised training at FTEJerez. The courses will facilitate the transition from a single runway operation to the simultaneous use of two runways.


From Lithuania, we're hearing news about possible new remote tower technology. DFS Aviation Services will consult on the feasibility of implementing the technology, providing Oro Navigacija information that will help them determine the scope and requirements of the solution and develop a cost-benefit analysis.


And last but not least, there's lucrative news for the ENAV Group. Through its subsidiaries IDS AirNav and Techno Sky, ENAV SpA has signed four new contracts to supply systems for the optimisation of flight data and improved airspace efficiency with India, Norway, Romania and Kosovo. The total worth of the four contracts comes to approximately 11 million euros.


ANSP news

  • BULATSA is looking for air traffic controllers - BULATSA Academy announced its autumn recruitment campaign for the position of “Air Traffic Controller”. As every year, those wishing to be trained for the profession, can submit documents online until 30 October inclusively. Admission is continuous, but those who submit their application after this date will be included in the selection for the spring session in 2024.
  • NATS report into air traffic control incident details root cause and solution implemented - NATS’ preliminary investigation has confirmed the root cause that led to last Monday’s air traffic control incident, and the company has reiterated its apology for the associated disruption to passengers, airlines and airports.

Market news

Research and innovation

  • Driving Change in Aviation: The Role of Data Science and Human-Machine Collaboration - Datascience.aero - It has been a year since the launch of the SafeTeam project to our esteemed readers at datascience.aero. Innaxis, a pioneer in data science in aviation with notable projects like ComplexWorld, Prospero, and SecureDataCloud, has consistently advanced its research in this field. Building upon this accumulated knowledge, DataBeacon has taken this research further, developing digital assistants and data-driven applications that augment human operations and enhance safety and performance in the air transport system.


  • The FAA Authorizes UPS Flight Forward and uAvionix to Operate Drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight - The FAA authorized two more companies to operate drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). UPS Flight Forward with its Matternet M2 can conduct small package delivery and uAvionix with its Rapace can use the Vantis Network to test its detect and avoid technology.
  • GUTMA announces two new task forces addressing UTM data exchange and standards alignment - Unmanned airspace - The aim is to create a model agreement/standard clauses containing, in particular, clauses for the exchange of data used to provide UTM services. The field can of course be extended on request. The outcome of this TF is intended to simplify and harmonise the exchange of data between the USS. GUTMA would like to emphasise that this agreement is intended solely to serve the industry and not the authorities. The FOCA has no intention of intervening in the content of the clauses, but only of putting its experience and neutrality as an authority at the service of the drafting of such an agreement.
  • SESAR publishes fourth edition of U-space ConOps to address air mobility needs - Unmanned airspace - The fourth and latest edition of the U-space Concept of Operations (ConOps) has just been published by the SESAR 3 JU’s CORUS-XUAM project, expanding the scope to urban air mobility (UAM). The ConOps extends the previous edition from 2019 and looks into the future with the goal to serve as a reference manual for delivering U-space, Europe’s enabling framework for the safe and secure integration of uncrewed aerial systems, or drones, into the airspace.
  • Altitude Angel Introduces New Airspace Data Features - Altitude Angel has today released two significant updates to its map data providing drone operators and recreational users with a greater understanding of airspace restrictions and NOTAMs (Notice to Aviators).