Weekly Review #218 - A positive appraisal of EASA

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First up, we're hearing news that the commission evaluation of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 has given a positive appraisal of EASA’s performance and added value. The evaluation found that EASA succeeded in its core tasks of rulemaking, certification and standardisation, while also ensuring the application of common rules and standards for aviation safety.

Next up, there's more news from Europe where the European Commission has adopted a new set of rules to better manage interoperability. The framework covers five regulations and will increase interoperability as well as make the performance of ATM ground equipment more consistent.


From Korea, we're hearing about Incheon Airport's decision to award Indra a contract to supply its Normarc instrument landing systems (ILS). This distance measuring equipment (DME) and DVOR radio navigation systems will contribute to the airport's safe aircraft navigation during approach and landing.


And from China, there's news that the number of general aviation airports will reach 500 by the year 2025, according to the country's leading aircraft manufacturer. By the end of 2022, there were 399 general aviation airports across the country. 


ANSP news

  • DECEA and Saipher promote the A-CDM Workshop - Representatives from the Operations Subdepartment (SDOP), linked to the Airspace Control Department (DECEA), together with the Air Navigation Management Center (CGNA), Gol Linhas Aéreas and Saipher ATC, led the A-CDM Workshop at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos.
  • COCESNA teaches initial ATC aerodrome course to the autonomous port executive commission (CEPA). - COCESNA, through the Aeronautical Training Management, developed the “Initial ATC Aerodrome” course for the first group of applicants to obtain a position as Air Traffic Controller in the Autonomous Port Executive Commission. The purpose of the course was to provide participants with the theoretical, procedural and attitudinal foundation necessary for subsequent training in the specific courses of the agency in which they will work.
  • The director of Ukraerorukh, Andriy YARMAK, held a working meeting with the management of PANSA - The working arrangements regarding the training of our dispatchers at the training center of the Polish provider have been finalized. In addition a group of Ukraerorukh specialists began working in Warsaw as part of this project, whose task is to develop detailed training programs in the premises and with the participation of PANSA specialists.
  • DFS Group and the Greek air navigation service provider HASP intensify cooperation - A delegation from the German air navigation service provider, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, visited the campus of the Greek air navigation service provider in Athens. The visit took place within the framework of international and European relations in the aviation sector. The Governor of Greek air navigation service provider and the DFS CEO exchanged views on common topics and agreed to continue these discussions and work together in the future.
  • ENAIRE launches the second edition of the Business Ideas Competition in Air Traffic Management - The registration period for the second edition of the "Business Ideas Competition in Air Traffic Management", an initiative of CRIDA, the research, development and innovation subsidiary of ENAIRE, the national air navigation service provider, is open through 31 December 2023.

Airports news

  • Salalah Airport sees significant rise air traffic - Salalah Airport has recorded a significant increase in the air traffic during this year’s Khareef Dhofar season. According to the statistics, the airport has restored its traffic to its pre-COVID-19 times with a 29 percent increase in number of flights during the 2023 Khareef Dhofar as compared to the corresponding period in 2022.

Market news

  • IDS Airnav signed a contract with Norwegian air navigation service provider - The contract provides for the implementation of the innovative CRONOS system already in use by ENAV itself and the Italian Air Force in addition to the consolidated Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Romania and recently also chosen by the Taiwanese Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Korea’s Incheon Airport opts for Indra’s air navigation systems - Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) has awarded Indra a contract that strengthens the company’s contribution to flight safety in the Republic of Korea. Indra will supply its Normarc instrument landing systems (ILS), distance measuring equipment (DME) and DVOR radio navigation systems, all contributing to safe aircraft navigation during the approach and landing.
  • IDS Airnav signed a contract with ROMATSA - IDS AirNav has awarded the procurement of ROMATSA - the ROMAirTCM – ROMATSA Air Traffic Complexity Management Tool, for managing complexity in the context of defined operational constraints, in support of the decision to optimize its management in all stages of ATFCM, respectively at the strategic, pre-tactical, tactical and post-operational level of air traffic control activity. Also, the IDS AirNav solution will support R&D analyses, carried out for operational purposes.
  • Spire Global Selected by Estuaire to Monitor and Reduce Aviation Emissions - Spire was selected by Estuaire, a data firm empowering the aviation industry to reduce its environmental impact, to supply global aviation insights. Spire will provide its detailed aircraft positional data, as well as its Flight Report, which aggregates hundreds of millions of daily satellite and terrestrial ADS-B positions into an easily accessible one-row-per-flight information enriched with all the flight and aircraft data, for post-flight analytics and reporting needs.

Context information

  • Remote Towers - Interactive Map - IFATCA - Changes in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain are continuous and challenges of research, development and transition to introduce these changes are daily life for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and their staff: air traffic controllers, technicians, engineers, managers, and decision-makers. Automation is nothing new in the ATM system. The so-called ‘new technologies’ leading digitalization, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML), are finding their way into the ATM working environment. Whereas a lot of expectation is linked to technology hype, introducing new technology will have to follow the path of introducing new technological components into a running ATM system.
  • Call for Participation WG-125 Next Generation Aviation Professionals (NGAP) - EUROCAE is launching a Call for Participation to inform interested members about the ongoing activity undertaken by Working Group 125 - Next Generation Aviation Professionals under SG-1.
  • Evaluation confirms EASA fit for purpose - A Commission evaluation of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (‘EASA’) has given a positive appraisal of EASA’s performance and added value.
  • Single European Sky: new framework for interoperability rules - The European Commission has adopted a new set of rules to better manage interoperability between the systems and constituents used to provide air traffic management and air navigation services . The new framework, comprising five regulations, will increase interoperability, make the performance of ATM ground equipment more uniform, and support the introduction of innovative technologies. Ultimately, this will lead to a more modern European ATM network.

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