Weekly Review #221 - Construction of Poland's multi-modal megahub begins

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First up, there's news from Poland where construction of its new multi-modal megahub has begun. This huge infrastructure project will integrate air, rail, and road transportation, connecting nearly 180 million inhabitants of Central and Eastern Europe. 

Next, we're hearing about upgrades in Amsterdam Schiphol. The airport will invest $3.1 billion between 2024 and 2027 into maintenance projects that will benefit taxiways, walkways, passenger bridges, and a new baggage basement. Schiphol has divided the infrastructure project into four key areas: Quality of Service, Quality of Work, Sustainability, and Safety.


From the UK, there's news of more airspace modernisation. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a third round of funding and a last call for applications. Successful applicants to date have included organisations with interests in flight data digitisation, electronic conspicuity systems interoperability, and aircraft noise distribution.


Also from the UK, we're hearing about an independent review into NATS’ technical issue on 28 August. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has appointed Jeff Halliwell to lead the review which will consider the causes of the incident, how it was managed, and lessons for the future.


ANSP news

Airports news

  • Work begins on Poland’s new multi-modal megahub – Airport World - Construction work has begun on Poland’s new multi-modal megahub 40 kilometres southwest of Warsaw. According to its developers, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) is a key transport development project for Poland that is crucial for the economic growth of both the country and the wider European region.
  • New ILS for Jersey Airport - Systems Interface - Systems Interface has successfully completed a turnkey contract for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement Instrument Landing System (ILS) with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) on Runway 26 at Jersey Airport for Ports of Jersey.
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport To Invest $3.1 Billion In Upgrades - British Aviation Group - The airport says it is catching up on key maintenance and upgrade projects. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) plans to invest over $3 billion in maintenance and upgrade work from 2024 to 2027. Several areas of the airport will benefit, including taxiways, walkways, passenger bridges, and a new baggage basement.
  • EFLA aerodrome published the first-ever LPV to a Non-Instrument Runway End (NIRE) in Class G airspace - In January 2023, the Lahti-Vesivehmaa Aerodrome (ICAO code: EFLA), located in southern Finland, two hours to the north of Helsinki, published the first LPV procedure to a Non-Instrument Runway End in Class G airspace in Europe; thus, becoming pioneers on the matter and paving the way for many other procedures to come.

Context information

  • Regulator launches third round of funding to deliver airspace modernisation - The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a third round of its £2 million funding to help support airspace modernisation projects across the United Kingdom. The Airspace Modernisation Support Fund (ASF) is part of the regulator’s work in setting out a vision for the future of UK airspace, which will help deliver quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys.
  • Regulator’s independent review to consider wider impact of NATS technical issue - An independent review into NATS’ technical issue on 28 August has been launched by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. On 28. August, NATS encountered a technical issue that temporarily affected air traffic control services that saw many hundreds of flights delayed and cancelled. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has appointed Jeff Halliwell to lead the review which will consider the causes, response, how the incident was managed and lessons for the future.
  • Brazil-Saudi Arabia Cooperation: a new horizon in civil aviation - The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) promoted, at the beginning of October, the Brazil and Saudi Arabia Aviation Conference, in Rio de Janeiro. The main objective of this event was to stimulate technical cooperation and reinforce air connectivity between the two countries, with a focus on investments, infrastructure and sustainability in the civil aviation sector.

Reports and data

  • Airways New Zealand announces 2023 full year results - This year saw the rebound in air traffic volumes following the COVID-19 pandemic and Airways safely managed 478,131 flights through the 30 million square kilometres of airspace it controls. By June 2023, domestic flight movements had all but recovered compared to the same period before the COVID-19 pandemic, with international flight movements close to full recovery.
  • Latest monthly forecasts indicate continued growth over the next six months - The latest EUROCONTROL Monthly Traffic Forecasts for the period up to March 2024 predict continuing growth, reaching 98% of 2019 traffic in our Base Scenario by the end of the period.

Research and innovation

  • 5 Fascinating Ways In Which AI Might Change Aviation In The Future - British Aviation Group - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of almost every aspect of the modern world, including aviation. From optimizing flight routes to enhancing maintenance procedures and revolutionizing pricing strategies, AI has the potential to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation.
  • EUR 7 million investment for European multimodality under rail and aviation synergy call - SESAR JU - Europe’s Rail and SESAR 3 Joint Undertakings have published a joint call for the development of an “Integrated air and rail network backbone for a sustainable and energy-efficient multimodal transport system”. The call targets solutions that will improve door‐to‐door mobility for Europe’s citizens, and is expected to generate synergies between the air and rail innovation communities. With a total investment of EUR 7 million, the call is being co-funded within the framework of the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.
  • From ConOps to validated higher airspace solutions: ECHO2 kicks off at EUROCONTROL - SESAR JU - ECHO, the SESAR project co-funded by the EU designed to enable safe, efficient and scalable operations above conventional flight levels, has just launched its second phase with the official Kick-off Meeting of ECHO2 taking place at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels HQ on 29 September attended by the 23 ECHO partners led by EUROCONTROL, and the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (S3JU).


  • Safe drone operations need ‘drone aeronautical information management’ – Dutch study - Unmanned airspace - On behalf of LVNL, AirHub Consultancy and MovingDot have been working on defining the information required for safe and efficient drone operations, referred to as Drone Aeronautical Information Management (D-AIM). This includes data such as obstacle data and CNS systems. This information is essential for the safe integration of drones, regardless of the airspace type or whether the information is static or real-time. This project is a significant step towards the secure integration of both manned and unmanned aviation within our airspace.