Weekly Review #225 - London Heathrow set to revive third runway plans

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London Heathrow Airport is reportedly considering resuming plans for a third runway, following increased demand. Despite previous setbacks and controversies, the airport's CFO confirms that discussions on expansion may recommence in the new year, with detailed updates expected in 2024.

Asia-Pacific region advances two new air traffic management concepts, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Various international aviation bodies agreed on the two projects: The Asia-Pacific Trajectory-Based Operation Pathfinder Project and the South-East Asia – Oceania Implementation of Free Route Operations Project.


EUROCONTROL has begun operations at the new Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC). This marks a significant step in the iNM programme, aiming to enhance air traffic flow across Europe. The transition occurred seamlessly thanks to extensive testing, promising future functional improvements to the Network Manager systems.


Lastly, jet streams have a huge impact on air navigation and this informative article explains how they work, their impact on climate and air navigation and how they can affect flight times and fuel consumption. It also discusses the potential effects of global warming on jet streams and their role in atmospheric turbulence.


ANSP news

  • Airservices Australia announces new Noise Action Plan For Brisbane flightpath options - Airservices Australia is inviting the community to have its say on proposed new flightpath options in a third round of Noise Action Plan for Brisbane community engagement sessions being held across Brisbane from Tuesday 7 November.
  • 21st Meeting of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board - In its usual display of cooperation, the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board held yesterday the 21st bi-annual meeting that brought together decision-making and key experts from ROMATSA and BULATSA. They were briefed on of the progress of the latest round of DANUBE FAB strategic planning and reporting, status of the FAB procurements, InterFAB coordination activities and the progress of the FAB High Priority projects, thus exploring new avenues of collaboration and improve air traffic management on a regional scale.
  • Asia-Pacific region pushes new ways to manage flights better - CANSO - The Asia-Pacific region advances two new air traffic management concepts with the signings of two Letters of Intent on the sideline of the International Civil Aviation Organization Air Navigation World – ATM Procedures for Today event held in Singapore from 23 to 27 October 2023. These new ATM concepts will allow aircraft to take more direct and quicker routes, and enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of aviation.
  • Danube FAB - Twentieth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum - Continuing its commitment to encourage and maintain the social dialogue within the framework of DANUBE FAB, the twentieth meeting of the DANUBE FAB SCF took place in Pravets, Bulgaria on 2 November 2023. The forum provided an opportunity for participants to share their views on various topics related to the FAB activities.

Airports news

  • London Heathrow Airport Is Set To Revive 3rd Runway Plans Next Year - British Aviation Group - London Heathrow Airport is considering resuming its plans for a third runway due to increased demand and a positive recovery from the pandemic.The airport's current focus is on returning to profit, with a detailed update on the expansion expected in early 2024. The expansion plans have faced controversy and criticism, but the UK government continues to support them, emphasizing economic growth and regional connectivity
  • Bristol Airport Invests £3.5m in Air Traffic Control Tower - Bristol Airport has commenced work on a comprehensive six-month refurbishment of the Air Traffic Control Tower and is investing over £3.5m to improve and enhance the 20-year-old facility.

Market news

  • Altitude Angel Launch Airspace Security Division: Prism Detect - Altitude Angel has today announced it has launched a new division, Prism Detect, which will focus on making its ARROW technology available to customers who require advanced unified situational awareness capabilities for the detection of crewed and uncrewed aircraft.
  • Large systems extension in costa rica by SITTI - In the general frame of enhancing, modernizing expanding its infrastructure to provide an always improving service to air navigation, DGAC and COCESNA requested SITTI to supply new equipment that will expand existing services and facilities. The new supply is intended for important sites that will facilitate air traffic management and improve the services provided.

Context information

  • New Operations Centre goes Live! - EUROCONTROL is proud to announce the start of operations in the New Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC). This state-of-the-art building will house the NMOC as it is transformed over the coming years as part of the iNM programme to make the Network Manager even more able to smooth the flow of air traffic across Europe – around 11 million flights expected in 2024 and 16 million flights/year by 2050.
  • Making Europe the most efficient and environment-friendly airspace in the world - In October 2023, more than 100 stakeholders from the air traffic management sector gathered at the German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig to launch the revision of the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan.

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