Weekly Review #230 - Beyond LinkedIn: why networking matters in ATM

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Successful networking holds the key to unlocking the Air Traffic Management market. Everybody in the industry agrees that making genuine connections is the crucial first step of your business development efforts. But there’s more out there than just LinkedIn pages and groups.

In an earlier review, we shared a list of events you should be attending. And there are several organizations and associations you can join that host regular networking opportunities. There’s CANSO, which is a big name among ANSP and industry providers. Or, if you’re more interested in connecting with airports, then you’ll want to join ACI.

If you’re looking to expand your network and gain new contacts, you can become a part of EUROCAE, which allows you to contribute to technical standards. Or, you might consider joining one of the federations. There’s IFATCA for air traffic controllers, IFATSEA for technical experts, and IFAIMA for the aeronautical management industry.

All of these groups and their events have some associated costs and, of course, require your time. But as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch…


ANSP news

  • NAV CANADA announces year-end financial results - NAV CANADA today released its financial results for the year ended August 31, 2023. The Company saw air traffic levels for fiscal 2023, as measured in weighted charging units(1), increase 18.1% on a year-over-year basis. In comparison to pre-pandemic levels in fiscal 2019 however, weighted charging units were 7.3% lower. The Company’s revenue for fiscal 2023 was $1,778 million as compared to $1,507 million in fiscal 2022.
  • Climate Ministry and Austro Control establish Cititzen Participation for Flight Routes - Proposals for improving arrival and departure routes or statements in regard to new or changed routes can now be submitted by citizens. Article available in German.

Airports news

  • London Biggin Hill Airport Case Study - Read our case study on how London Biggin Hill Airport elevated airport operations with a new safety video and deploying GuardianUTM approval services.
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport awarded $39 Million by FAA for expansion projects - Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will receive $39.1 million in federal funds from the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This significant allocation will support two vital near-term and long-term improvement projects, which will enhance the airport’s ability to continue meeting the needs of its passengers and stakeholders.
  • Top 10 Largest Airport Projects Globally - With global air traffic picking up after the pandemic, airport administrators have initiated massive infrastructure development programs. Thus, to accommodate increasing passenger numbers. These mammoth construction projects across Asia, the Middle East and into America are built through staggering multi-billion dollar capital infusions.

Market news

Context information

  • Runway Weather Information Systems Seeks New Experts and a Secretary - Working Group 109 was established in 2018 and tasked to develop a MASPS for Runway Weather Information Systems. This work was aligned with the planned implementation by ICAO of the ‘Global Reporting Format’ which would integrate, amongst other things, formats and standards of communication of the characteristics of the runway surface. ED-292 "Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard for Runway Weather Information Systems" was developed by WG-109 and published by EUROCAE in December 2021.

Reports and data


  • A big step into the drone future - ANS CZ - The Department of Air Transport of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague, together with Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, successfully completed the FUTURE project in 2023. The project was funded with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic under the Doprava 2020+ Program. The project aimed to explore possibilities and propose the implementation of the U-space* concept in the Czech Republic. With an implementation of U-space, achieved results will significantly contribute to safe and beneficial operation of drones in the Czech airspace.
  • Eve Air Mobility and SkyScape Announce First Urban ATM Agreement in Japan - Eve Air Mobility and SkyScape, a Japanese vertiport development and management company have announced an agreement to use Eve’s Urban ATM as a part of the Advanced Air Mobility concept of operations published by the Japanese government. The announcement makes Skyscape Eve’s 13th Urban ATM customer and it becomes its sixth Urban ATM vertiport customer as the company continues to grow its business globally.