Weekly Review #231- Christmas edition

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As we approach the holiday season, don't forget that you can track Santa via the official NORAD Santa Tracker and NATS has a sweet Christmas page filled with, umm, Easter Eggs. 

Here are a few of the stories that caught our eye this week.


  • Joint Statement on HAO: Global collaboration on managing higher airspace, focusing on safe, sustainable civil aviation operations with new technologies. Read more.

  • SynthAIr - SESAR 3 JU: AI-driven synthetic data generation project for air traffic management, addressing data scarcity and bias. Read more.

  • NATS - Contrail Avoidance Research: Initiatives in reducing aviation environmental impact through contrail avoidance in air traffic management. Read more.

  • NATS - Free Route Airspace Collaboration: Partnership in Borealis Alliance's program for efficient and eco-friendly European airspace management. Read more.

ANSP news

  • NAV Portugal has a new Board of Directors - CANSO - Pedro Ângelo has been appointed the new CEO of NAV Portugal‘s Board ofDirectors. Gonçalo Vale and Cristina Lima are also members of this corporate body.
  • Government approves Financial Plan of UkSATSE for 2024 - The main objectives of UkSATSE activity in 2024 are: to keep the Ukrainian air navigation system infrastructure alive and functional; to retain and support highly qualified personnel and ensure the operation of UkSATSE units as the main component of the Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine in the interests of defence and security of the State.
  • NAV CANADA to implement proposed service charge changes - NAV CANADA today announced it will proceed with its proposal to change customer service charges consistent with the Notice issued September 21, 2023.

Airports news

Market news

Context information

Reports and data

Research and innovation

  • Innovation in synthetic data generation: a glimpse into the world of SynthAIr - SESAR JU - SynthAIr, a two-year project supported by SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, is set to explore and define novel AI-based methods for synthetic data generation in the domain of ATM system. SynthAIr’s mission is to increase the level of automation, leveraging the potential of synthetic data for tackling structural obstacles such as data access and scarcity, privacy issues and bias in the data.
  • Innovation leads to fewer delays for airlines and travellers - Fewer delays for airlines and for travellers. That is the goal of the Decision Support Tool developed by Air Traffic Control the Netherlands. Aircraft expected to arrive during a period of congestion are given Air Traffic Flow Management delay at their departure airport.
  • Leading the Way in Contrail Avoidance - NATS Blog - As part of our work to reduce the aviation industry’s non-CO2 emissions, we’re exploring measures to mitigate the impact of contrails – the visible trails of ice crystals that can form behind aircraft flying at high altitudes. I joined over 2,250 scientists, researchers and policymakers at the CANSO/EUROCONTROL Sustainable Skies Conference in Brussels recently to present our work in this area, and how it could contribute to the global push for climate neutrality and sustainability.
  • Working in partnership to support Free Route Airspace - NATS Blog - Collaboration has always been a central principle to advancing aviation. That’s why for a number of years NATS has been actively participating in the Borealis Alliance’s Free Route Airspace Programme. During this time Air Navigation Service Providers from a number of different states (including EU and non-EU) have been working together to maximise the benefits that FRA can bring.
  • CICONIA - Cracking the non-CO2 conundrum - SESAR JU - CICONIA supports the European Union's ambition of reaching climate neutrality by 2050, focusing on the challenge of aviation climate impact as non-CO2 emissions contribute about 2/3 of the net Effective Radiative Forcing.